What our clients have to say about
SBAS Training Services and our courses, including Trainthepainter


Alan Roffey, London

"The SBAS training in shot blasting and airless spray painting has been one of the best courses I have attended. Initially I searched the internet and found SBAS Training and have not looked back. The company is very highly regarded and for very good reason. This course is all about learning a trade, professionally, safely and practically! If you are looking undertake a course in these subjects you won't do any better than contacting Joe Hughes at SBAS Training Services. Thank you Joe you have given me confidence when I didn't think I could get in a new career path."

Steve Wills,
South Sheilds.

"Many thanks for the 1st class presentation of the Trainthepainter training course to the highest level of Gold Card. I now have a much clearer understanding to take me forward on future projects. I would highly recommend the course run by Joe Hughes to anyone in the industrial painting sector."

Paul Harvey, Middlesbrough.

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank SBAS Training Services for delivering such a highly detailed SSPC “Train the Painter” Abrasive Blasting and Spray Painting course. It was condensed into three days, the first two were classroom based and, although a lot of information was provided, it was not laborious as some training courses tend to be.  I believe this was because the trainer, Joe Hughes, delivered the course in a very professional way. The delivery of the theoretical part of the course by showing me the actual equipment I will be using on a day-to-day, basis helped me greatly instead of just looking at photographs, which is usually the norm in the classroom session. This gave me an added insight how “things work” before starting the practical session of the course. In the practical training session, Joe’s knowledge also made learning very easy, enabling me to achieve the standard required to pass. I would not hesitate to recommend SBAS Training Services to anyone requiring training in the future."

Christopher Hetherington, Middlesbrough.

"I have just completed the Trainthepainter course at SBAS. Not only was this course most informative, fun and to the highest of standards, Joe Hughes also passed on knowledge of the industry that he has gained over many years within these trades. From the moment I walked in the door, I was welcomed made to feel relaxed and giving time to express myself. Questions asked which I was unable to answer were not frowned upon but explained in ways that would stick and help me move forward in the future. I truly feel I’ve been given training of the best and highest standard. Joe has passion for these trades and this rubs off but most of all he genuinely wants to create the best in me and for this I thank you for such an incredible course."

"After recently purchasing shot blasting and airless spray painting equipment I decided to attend the SBAS Training course. The course was excellent and I was trained in every aspect of blasting and spraying, from setting up to using the equipment in a proper working environment. The instructor, Joe Hughes, has an amazing level of knowledge of the corrosion industry and, as a result of the one-to-one coaching provided, at the end of the course I was able to use the equipment in a professional and competent manner. Thank you very much Joe for all your help - your training course was the best investment I've made yet."

Colin Higgs,
Milton Keynes.

"Having attended the SBAS training course in shot blasting and airless spray painting some time ago, I recently asked Joe Hughes to help me prepare for an up and coming trade test with an oil and gas company. Although I have practical experience in shot blasting and stripe coating/brush/roller application of paint, I was less than confident with the airless spray paint application; both with the equipment used and the correct and safe techniques when using the equipment. Yet again, Joe excelled at thoroughly explaining the components of the spray pump and the safe practices when using the equipment. As a result of his demonstration and continuous guidance, I was able to achieve an excellent level of technique and best practise in application and safety. I would 100% recommend Joe. His training style is relaxed and friendly, passing on his knowledge and experience through years of experience within the industry. I now feel confident of tackling my trade test and continuing my career in the protective coatings industry."

Matt Weems,

"I have just completed an abrasive blasting and airless spray painting course with Joe Hughes at SBAS Training Services. Joe is an excellent instructor and the training delivered both in the classroom and hands on was second to none. It was broken down into easy to understand pieces and by doing the course I now feel confident that I can blast and spray with little or no supervision."

Jack Purvis,

"I just wanted to thank you for your excellent and professional shotblasting and airless painting course, which me and Alex both thoroughly enjoyed. To have all your knowledge and expertise in the industry passed on to us will serve us well for our future in this career!"

Andrew David Condra,


"I've worked with Joe since 2008 mainly for training our employees on a range of Shot Blasting Equipment. The training fits in with our busy schedule and is carried out onsite without the guys having to leave. The feedback from the guys is always excellent; this is down to Joe making the training as enjoyable as possible. All the Operatives that have been trained are still employed onsite, and a number of them have proved to be a great asset to our operation. I have also had some great advice from Joe. He always gives us great feedback and looks at ways to streamline our operation."

Scott Dalgarno,
Operations Manager,
Hertel Services PLC.

"I attended the SBAS TRADE TEST training course for blaster/painters two weeks ago, just before an interview for my first offshore job. The preparation of Joe's trade test training covered everything I had to do in the test and I passed easily. I got the job and start on 7th July. I can recommend this training course to anybody that has an interview and trade test coming up."

Ian Cowan,
Newcastle upon Tyne.

"I have just completed the SBAS blaster / painter training course and, with my diploma, I have been able to get a full time job within one week of finishing the training. The SBAS course exceeded my expectations with the knowledge that was presented in a very professional and easy to understand manner. In the 4 to 5 hour practical hands-on session, the tuition provided was outstanding and I felt very comfortable and competent in using both the blasting and the airless spraying equipment. I recommend this course to others who are looking for high quality, affordable blaster / painter training."

Ben Mathias,




"After recently completing the SBAS Training course in Abrasive blasting and Airless spray painting,I can’t stress just how much the course has enriched my enthusiasm and knowledge of the industry. I can honestly say that thanks to Joe’s extensive knowledge and professional manner the course is very well put together and easy to follow without any faults whatsoever. I would definitely recommend the course."

Wayne Cowhig, Middlesbrough.

Danny McGrath, Kirkby, Liverpool.

"I thought the Blaster/Painter course was delivered really well. Joe took time to make sure that we all understood the theoretical side and even more so the practical side. We were given plenty of tuition time on the use of the blasting and airless spraying equipment and my understanding of the correct site terminology of the equipment and accessories was invaluable. I am now set to go offshore now. Joe, I thank you for your help."

"The Blaster/Painter course was extremely helpful and straight  to the point.  I learned a lot from the instructor Joe Hughes - keep up the good work."

William O'Neil, Middlesbrough.

"That course was great and very good value for money. I took in a lot of interesting and very helpful content. I would definitely recommend the SBAS course to anyone who is looking for blasting and painting training. Thanks for training me, Joe."

Craig Nicol,

"I would like to thank you for your very interesting and informative training course. I enjoyed both the classroom and the practical work - you made the technical details easily understood by the layman. I particularly enjoyed the hands-on practical session using both the shot blasting and the airless paint spray equipment. I felt that I really understood the operation of the units and I feel very confident in using both."

Ged Sewill,

"I recently completed the SBAS Training course in Abrasive blasting and Airless spray painting. I found the whole course to be both very informative and brilliantly practical . In Joe Hughes you have a teacher with a wealth of knowledge and a passion for his work. I look forward to applying my new skills following this excellent course."

John Lyon,

"I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the Shot Blasting and Airless Spraying Course. The way the information was presented made it easy to understand and the hands-on experience was excellent. I am really looking forward to a career in this kind of work and after completing this course I feel confident and totally competent."

Stuart Slater,
Tyne and Wear.

"We have done all of the offshore courses and have just completed the SBAS Training course on shot blasting and airless spray painting. This was definitely the best offshore related course we have been on. We will be recommending it to anyone who needs to have the blaster/painter ticket." 

Darren Straughan
and Garry Gill,

"I really enjoyed the course and I would recommend it to all newcomers to these applications or anybody needing to update their skills in shot blasting and airless spray painting. The course is very good value for money - the very competitive price does not affect the very high quality of the course."

Colin Elliot,

"The SBAS training course in Shot Blasting and Airless Spray Painting taught me everything I need to know to apply for a job in the corrosion industry. The information on standards, technique and safety was easy to understand, and the practical work in the training centre gave me all the confidence I needed to handle the equipment in the correct manner. This was a brilliant course and very good value for money."

Stephen Leighton,
Newcastle upon Tyne.

“This course is good value for money. It will give you a good insight into the practical and theoretical specifications of shot blasting and airless spray painting. It will also give you a good feel for what the blasting and spraying work entails. I highly recommend it.”

Darren Brown,
North Shields.

"The professional manner in which Joe Hughes conducted the course, and his enthusiasm for the subject shining through, were without doubt major factors in settling the operators fears and concerns. I would certainly encourage others to follow in our footsteps and engage SBAS fully in the training requirements of the industry.”

Gavin Wisely,
ICORR coatings / insulation inspector at Cape Services, Shell St Fergus Gas Plant.

"The SBAS course on shotblasting and airless spraying was the best training course I've had so far. I felt really confident about using the equipment and the diploma was definitely a big help in me getting a job as a blaster/painter with a contracting company."

Robert McAnally,

"The training course by Joe at SBAS was very professional and the information was easy to understand with the slide presentation and films. I can recommend this course to anyone looking for work in the blasting and painting industry."

Peter Logan,

"After my training course at SBAS Training Services I was able to use shotblasting and airless spray equipment with confidence. I took in an amazing amount of information about standards and health and safety and this helped me to get my first job as a blaster."

James Callaghan,

"I thought the SBAS training course for shotblasting and painting was great value and taught me everything I needed to apply for work in this field."

Michael Toner,
South Shields.