SSPC Trainthepainter

Become a fully qualified surface preparation and coating application professional with SSPC Trainthepainter, one of the world’s leading and most widely recognised training courses. 

Book your place on the industry’s leading surface preparation and coating application.

We're proud to offer SSPC Trainthepainter. Developed by industry experts this globally accredited coating applicator training and certification programme is second to none.

This comprehensive collection of training modules provides valuable insight into surface treatment and protective coatings methods, promotes good working practices, and ensures a professional approach.

Delivered by Joe Hughes, Trainthepainter Gold Cardholder

SSPC Trainthepainter by SBAS Training Services is delivered by Joe Hughes, an industry expert with of over 35 years' experience of working at the cutting edge of the corrosion treatment industry. In addition to holding the maximum accreditation of Trainthepainter Gold Card, his unique, professional approach incorporates a coaching style that is tailored to individual learning abilities and company requirements. 

SBAS Training Services is a fully accredited Trainthepainter provider. The course covers:

Abrasive Blast Cleaning

•    Introduction
•    Health and Safety
•    Blast Media
•    Standards and Quality Control
•    Operational Procedures
•    Process Control

Spray Painting

•    Introduction
•    Health and Safety
•    Paint Materials
•    Airless Spray Equipment
•    Conventional Air Spray
•    Plural Component Spray

Protective Coatings Application

•    Health and Safety
•    Access, Plant and Equipment
•    Surface Preparation
•    Coating Types
•    Coating Application
•    Quality Control
•    Metallic Coatings
•    Intumescent Coatings
•    Concrete
•    Environmental
•    Coating Failure
•    Management and Supervision
•    Offshore and Marine
•    Specialty Units
•    Visual Standards

SBAS Training Services is one the of first training companies in the UK to be licenced to provide the SSPC Trainthepainter training course for blaster and painter operatives in the shot blasting and spray painting industries.

Industry experts developed the Trainthepainter programme after researching the Global Protective Coating Industry in various sectors, including Offshore, Marine, Construction, Petrochemical and Civil. 

Trainthepainter training courses are endorsed by Conoco Phillips (the world's largest independent oil exploration and production company) and approved by Lloyds Register and RoSPA (Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents). Accreditation for the courses is provided by SSPC (the Society for Protective Coatings). 

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